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Гробница Хаэмуасета в Саккаре
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Автор:  MenKauRA [ 02-11-2011, 07:58 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Гробница Хаэмуасета в Саккаре

 When the clay or terracotta statue fragments were reconstructed, it was found that four of the statues are of a standing lion goddess, two are recumbent lions, and others are human busts with unusual hands positions. Remarkably, two of the terracotta statues bear the name of King Khufu. The first is a terracotta lion sphinx. Khufu’s name is inscribed in front of the small squatting human figure under the chin of the lion. The squatting figure may have been originally represented as a naked child king. This figure may represent King Khufu himself, although his head is missing.
     The second object bearing the name of Khufu is one of the two terracotta standing statues of a lion goddess, both of which measure 1 m in height, depicting the goddess wearing a sheath dress. The Horus name of Khufu is inscribed on the right side of the back pillar of the statue which has both hands outstretched. Presumably, the Horus name of Khufu refers to a small figure of a child king to the right side of the lion goddess. The figure to the left side of the lion goddess seems to have been added later, since this figure is inscribed with the name of Pepy I on its base.


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