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ReT col. III.14 (?): 18 (28 ?) years
Manetho: Mencheres - 63 years
W. Barta (ZAS 108, 1981,23): 18 full and 2 incomplete years
J. v. Beckerath (Chronologie, 159): 28 years.
- rnpt sp 2, ~bd 2 prt, SW 22 (G VI S )164
- rnpt sp 2, ~bd 4 smw, SW 22 (G 7530-40, Meresankh III)165
- rnpt sp 11, ~bd ... , SW 10 + x (G VI S)166
rnpt (m-)!J.tsp
Though no intervening years can be attributed to Menkaura with certainty,
there is some probability that to the reign of this king refer the following data
from the Gebelein papyri 167:
- rnpt (m-)bt sp 2, ~bd ... ~bt, SW 20 (Gebelein, frag. A)16S
- rnpt (m-)bt sp 3, ~bd 3 prt, SW 26 (Gebelein, frag. B)169
- rnpt(m-)bt sp 11, ... (Gebelein, rouleau IV)170

attested rnpt sp: 1,2, 11
attested (?) rnpt (m- )!:Jtsp: 2, 3, 11
rnpt sp: rnpt (m-)!:Jt sp - 3: 3 (?)
Though smallest of the three royal funerary monuments in Giza, the pyramid
complex of Menkaura (the volume of the pyramid represents only about one
tenth of that of the Great Pyramid) had been left largely unfinished by the
king!7! At the time of Menkaura's death, the valley temple had hardly been
begun. From the causeway only the foundation was laid. The construction of
the mortuary temple, though more advanced than the two previously mentioned structures, was left largely unfinished, too. In the time of the king's
death practically only the nucleus of the main walls, partly cased with granite,
were built. Even the casing of the pyramid itself was left undressed. 172
Obviously, the state in which the monument was left at the time of the king's
death raises some questions, including those about the length of Menkaura's
reign. It seems to be improbable that Menkaura commenced the construction of
his pyramid complex after a great delay, later in his reign
• Neither are probable some unexpected technical difficulties (changes in the original plan of the
pyramid, the large scale use of red granite, etc.) in the realization of the building
project, too. The explanation of the unfinished funerary monument of Menkaura
should therefore be sought in either the shorter reign of the king or in the unexpected worsening of the economic situation in the country.
Albeit no direct evidence of serious economic difficulties in the reign of
Menkaura is available, such troubles would not be surprising. A large scale
exhaustion of the workforce and material resources of the country in the technically demanding but economically unproductive grandiose building projects
of Menkaura's immediate predecessors must have had serious consequences
for Egypt's economy. Profound changes in the concept of the funerary cult at
the beginning of the 4
th Dyn.
, connected with increased material demands,
could have contributed to the economic problems, toO.!75
Regardless of the assumed economic difficulties, the estimations of a very
long reign for Menkaura, up to 28 years
, is justified by neither the contem-

poraneous written documents nor the king's unfinished pyramid complex.
Eighteen years long reign attributed to Menkaure by the RCT (based on the
most probable reconstruction of the partly damaged numeral) could comply
with the so far highest attested contemporaneous date for the king, rnpt sp 11
(or rnpt m-!J.t sp 11), provided that the census was irregular in that time.

TC III. 14- (?): 18 (28 ?) years
Manetho: Menche r e s -63 years
Beckerath, Chronologie, 159: 28 years.
mpt ;;;p
• 2, 1bd I I prt, sw 22; G VI S97
• 2, 1bd IV Smw, sw 22; G 7530-40, Me r e s ankh IIp8
• 11, 1bd . . ., sw 10 + x; G VI S99
The following dates from the Gebelein papyr i c an probably be attribut ed to Mycerinus:
mpt (m-)at ;;;p
• 2, 1bd . . . 1at, sw 20; Gebelein, frag. NOI
• 3, 1bd I I I prt, sw 26; Gebelein, frag. BI02
• 11, . . .; Gebelein, rouleau IV
attested mpt ;;;p: 2, 11
attested mpt (m-)at ;;;p: 2(?), 3(?), 11 (?)
mpt ;;;p: mpt (m-)at ;;;p-2: 3(?)

Sneferuw 24
Chéops 23
Radedef 8
Chéphrên de 29- 23
x-l de 0 - 5
x-2 de 0 - 1
My c é r i n us 18
Shepseskcf 4
x-3 2

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