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 Заголовок сообщения: Texts from the Mastaba of Meresankh III at Giza
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The tomb of Meresankh (G 7530, PM III2, 197–99) has the best-preserved
chapel in the field of royal mastabas to the east of the Great Pyramid, which
cemetery was mostly reserved for relatives and descendants of Khufu. It is
the oldest well-preserved tomb at Giza. Meresankh seems to have been the
daughter of Kaiwab, probably the eldest son of Khufu, and Hetepheres; both
persons are shown in her tomb. Bones, perhaps belonging to Meresankh,
were found in the burial and suggest that she might have been about fifty at
death. Dates of her death and burial are recorded, but the reign is unknown;
depending on the date of her birth, her death is to be placed in
either the reigns of Menkaure or Shepseskaf. She would have been married
to either Khafre or Menkaure. The sarcophagus was originally made for her
mother. See also quarry marks and captions from this tomb in no. 84.
She who sees Horus and Seth, great of affection of the Two Ladies, follower
of Horus, great of favor, the beloved one of Horus and Thoth, his
companion, king’s daughter of his body, royal wife, Meresankh.
She who sees Horus and Seth, great of affection, royal wife, Meresankh.
Right jamb
The king’s daughter Meresankh.
Year of the first occasion, first month of the Shemu season, day 21.
Her ka rested and she proceeded to the wabet.
Left jamb
The royal wife Meresankh.
The year after the first occasion, second month of the Peret season, day 18.1
She went to her perfect tomb.
Top, both long sides
She who sees Horus and Seth, great of affection, great of favor, controller
of the butchers of the acacia house,2 priestess of Bapefy, consort of he who
is beloved of the Two Ladies, king’s beloved daughter of his body,
Vertical column at each corner
I have given it to the king’s daughter and king’s wife, Meresankh.

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