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Decree of Pepy II from the Valley Temple of Menkaure at Giza
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Автор:  MenKauRA [ 02-11-2011, 09:44 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Decree of Pepy II from the Valley Temple of Menkaure at Giza

Pepy II here reasserts the rights of one of his predecessors. It would appear
from this text that, in addition to the royal cult, three private cults were associated
with the temple and benefited from it. Now Boston, MFA 47.1654.
(1) Horus Netjerykhau.
Year of the thirty-first occasion, third month of the Akhet season, day 6.
(2) A royal decree to [the overseer] of the pyramid town of Menkaure … ,
(for the benefit of)
• (3) the iry pat, eldest king’s son, Nemtyemzaf: (his) altar;
• (4) the haty-a, sole companion, charmed of arm, Imapepy: (his) altar;
• (5) the haty-a, sole companion, overseer of the khenty-she of the Great
House, Khnumhotep: (his) altar.
(6) (With regard to) the lector priest, scribe of the phyle, Ishefi,14 (7) he is
the [overseer of the pyramid town (?) and responsible for (?)]
• (8–9) … in the pyramid town
• everything which is reckoned with regard to the broad hall and the festival
• the distribution of the divine offerings and … in the pyramid town of
(10) No man has a right relating to it except for the aforementioned15 Ishefi
in accordance with this decree for ever.
(11) You do not have the authority to permit men of this troop (12) of the
pyramids of Neferkare and Merenre and of these chapels (?) to go forth to
remove property from the aforementioned pyramid town. My majesty has
ordered the exemption and protection of this pyramid town (13) so that
the property thereof should not be taken by any man.
(My) majesty has done this (?) particularly in relation to the (ordinary)
priestly duties and the monthly priestly duties (14) [to offer] incense and
the sealed things of the god [in the temple of Menkaure (?)], may he live for
ever, (15) according to the command of the king of Upper and Lower
Egypt Neferkare, may he live for ever and for eternity.
(16) Sealed in the presence of the king himself …

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